NightOwl Arts is a one-man illustration company that started in November 2004. My greatest interest is conceptual design for games and movies and this is what I plan to focus on in the future. This involves the development of characters, environments, animation and storyboarding. While primarily a one-man company cooperation with other parties has proven to be effective and productive, certainly when it comes to larger projects.

What NightOwl can offer:

  • Illustrations: Professional illustrations that can used for a wide variety of products, among others posters, book illustrations, games, comics, articles, advertisement, website illustrations.
  • Concept Design: This includes the development of characters, environments, vehicles, and creatures. Key here is speed and diversity giving a client a large variety of designs to choose from.
  • Storyboarding: Capturing a script for movie or animation in panels.

Wilkemaheerd 8,
9736BL, Groningen